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We invite you to participate in our study

This study is about problematic online pornography use. Its purpose is to test the effectiveness of a 6-week, self-directed online program designed to help you deal with your online pornography use that may cause problems in your life.

Course program

If you actively participate in this program, you will...

1. identify the positive and negative consequences of your porn viewing behaviours

2. identify the internal and external risk situations of your porn viewing and learn how to deal with them

3. learn how to change your porn viewing habits

4. learn how to integrate fun activities into your everyday life

5. identify your personal triggers for cravings and learn how to deal with them

6. learn about the relations between your thoughts, emotions and porn viewing behaviours

7. learn strategies to challenge automatic negative thoughts and develop balanced thoughts

8. learn strategies to prevent relapse to previous porn viewing habits and maintain success in the long run

Over the course of the 6-weeks, you will learn

  • strategies and techniques from 6 different modules to help you cope with these challenges, while also
  • receiving online support from our researchers.

Our hope is that by the end of the program, you will experience a reduction in your online pornography use. During the study, all information you provide will be kept confidential

Study Requirements

If you want to take part in this study, you need to:

  • be 18 years or older
  • read and understand the English language
  • have a valid e-mail address
  • have weekly internet access
  • read and accept the informed consent
  • fill out the baseline survey

Study procedure

  1. Read the study information and give informed consent (registering an account)
  2. Fill out a baseline survey and get assigned pilot testing group
  3. Take part in the 6-week program (approximately 30 minutes / week)
  4. Fill out questionnaires after 6 weeks (from start)
  5. Fill out questionnaires after 10 weeks (from start)
  6. Fill out questionnaires after 18 weeks (from start)

If this sounds like something you would be interested, click the button below to read detailed study information and register an account.

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